Review: Chanel Le Blanc Brightening Concentrate Continuous Action TXC

Chanel Le Blanc Brightening Concentrate Continuous Action TXC is a brightening serum.  I first saw this serum in a Taiwanese magazine Queen a few years ago.  I believed Chanel Le Blanc used to be an Asia exclusive line but is now readily available in Chanel counters in the U.S. You can usually find it at Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, Saks Fifth Avenue, Macy’s or other department stores that carry Chanel skin care.   I have been using this serum for a while and now on my third bottle.

From the Chanel website, it described this product as :
“Each of the exquisitely textured products in the LE BLANC range offers a specific benefit that works in synergy to brighten the complexion. As skin’s most intensive brightening ally, the concentrate delivers a high intensity of the TXC molecule, while pearl protein extract visibly corrects skin’s dullness and moisturizes. TXC—the first active brightening ingredient registered in Japan as a quasi-drug by a foreign company—has a distinctive structure that delivers continuous action for 12 hours. Skin becomes brighter and more radiant, as dark spots diminish and the complexion appears more even.”
My skin started to act crazy on me towards the end of college.  I suddenly went from normal cheeks and oily t-zone skin to very acne prone skin.  The worst thing is after the acne healed it left behind red/dark marks that takes months to disappear. This was why this product initially attracted me. It claims to make “dark spots diminish” and “corrects skin’s dullness.” I don’t want paler or brighter skin.  I just want my hyperpigmentation gone! So when I read the description, I thought this is exactly what I need!
The texture of the serum is very light and easy to apply.  It absorbs very fast and is not sticky at all.  One pump is enough for my entire face. It also has a very light floral scent that I find pleasant.  The scent goes away very quickly and is hardly noticeable.  I find the serum to be pretty moisturizing but just using it alone is not enough.  I will still use a moisturizer after it.

photo 1 photo 2

As for my dark spots it did help fade it gradually.  I noticed when I get pimples and use this, it  helped a lot with the healing process after the pimple is gone.  My acne scars do get lighter.  However, it is not an overnight and dramatic change.  You have to consistently use it.  As for the overall brightening effect, I did not notice my entire face getter paler or lighter. This serum is similar to the Diorsnow White Reveal Essence that I have use in the past before (I used the entire Diorsnow set and went through about 3 sets of it but it didn’t do anything special for me).  The Diorsnow essence is light in consistency as well, but compared to Chanel I find Diorsnow to be a little stickier. Overall, I like this serum and find it to help fade dark spots.  However, due to its hefty price tag at $195, I am on the look out to find a cheaper alternative that work just as well.
***Side note: I also purchased and used two bottles of the Chanel Le Blanc Brightening Moisturizing Cream.  It is a decent moisturizer but I think I can live without it because it didn’t do anything spectacular.  There are cheaper and better moisturizers out there.***

10 thoughts on “Review: Chanel Le Blanc Brightening Concentrate Continuous Action TXC

  1. i loveee this chanel serum!! ironically i first purchased it in taiwan hahah :p so funny.

    yeah i went to salt lick last year when i was in texas too hehe :) i actually did a whole blog post about it because it was so good! i’m definitely going back there while i’m still in texas too hehe :p

    • You should and I’m sure you will enjoy it too. Chanel makes a lot of products that I like. It is one of my favorite brand for makeup and skincare. Thanks for stopping by. I love your blog!

  2. Hi, I find your review helpful. Ive been using Chanel Le Blanc serum for a week. So ive not seen the result yet. May I know how do you apply the serum? One pump n u massage in a circular motion?
    The way I apply it: 3 pumps on my 2 fingers tip and blend it n I dap it on my face. Is that the correct way?

    • Hi, I’m glad you find the review helpful.
      There is no right or wrong way to apply it. When I was using it I like to use 1-2 pumps. I will rub it on my palms and press it into my face. I like to think that the heat from my hands will help the product absorb better. What you are doing is fine too. It is all a matter of preference. Hope that answer your question. :)

  3. Very gradual improvement. No visible brightening of the entire face with the THX product. Disappointed. Only one other time, I spent this much money on a product that disappointed. It was La Mer moisturizer. Will not be buying either product again.

    • I’m sorry it didn’t work for you. I gave it two more chances before I moved on to other products. Due to its price I had also expected to see faster results. I also have been disappointed with la mer products over the years. Have you find anything that works or like now?

  4. If you’re Looking for an alternative to the chanel le Blanc serum. Try the lift and luminate serum from Boots N07 at only $24.99 it’s proven to work. It’s also Hypo-allergenic and come’s with a day and night serum for the same price:)

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