Pore Clogging Ingredients

Towards the end of college to now, I went from normal/oily T-zone skin to acne prone skin and had to completely change my skincare products to suit my new skin type.  A few months ago, I got so desperate that I added the very well-known Pro-activ 3 steps system into my skincare routine.  I got to say it does work (although it also dried out my skin)!

Due to my blemished face I have to look out for products that does not aggravate it more.  I have to pay attention to the labels and look for oil-free and non comedogenic (non pore clogging) products .  As I was doing research about clogged pores, I came across a list of pore clogging ingredients.  I think it is great to have a list to refer to when reading a product’s ingredients (if they are provided).  It is to be known, however, that even the most natural products or products that claimed to be non comedogenic can still somehow contained pore clogging ingredients.  To read more about that and what pore clogging ingredients are out there you can visit here. 

Sometimes it is impossible to avoid all of these ingredients (as some manufacturers do not disclose all their ingredients) but it still nice to know what you can avoid.  Sigh…when it comes to skincare it is always a case of trial and error before you can find something that works.


5 thoughts on “Pore Clogging Ingredients

  1. love this post! i think we have similar type of skin.. at the age where my skin tends to get dry but i still break out! argh! it’s so annoying.. i use to use proactiv 3 piece kit but now i only use the lotion and it’s helped a lot with my skin being overly dry and cracking.

    i only use oil free and non-comedogenic products too.. which is why i can’t use the regular la mer cream because it makes me break out like crazy!

    haha yes taiwanese food in the US is no where as delicious as in TPE of course.. unfortunately i can’t just hop a plane to taiwan whenever i miss my childhood food (though i wish i could) hahaha.. i have to say coco is pretty good for US standards! the pork belly was delicious and so were the scallion onion pancakes.. but the stewed pork and the salt and pepper chicken weren’t that good.. i like my salt and pepper chicken really super spicy haha. but needless to say i will have to make another trip to coco’s before i leave texas :)

    • Yup, I can’t use the whole Pro-activ system anymore…way too drying. Like you I only use the lotion now to keep the acne at bay. Sigh…it is so frustrating to go from good skin suddenly to crazy adult acne.

      Ya, I can’t complain. We are lucky even to have a restaurant like that. When I was younger and live in a small suburb off Dallas, there weren’t that many Asian restaurants and supermarkets as readily available as now. If you come back to Austin, I recommend you to try Rice Bowl. I love their beef rolls. Yum! :)

  2. Finding good skincare is so hard! Not only is it trial and error, but the trial part seems so long because many products take weeks to show any effect. And by then, I’ve kind of forgotten what improvements I’m looking for :P

    • I agree! This is one of the reason I started this blog, to keep track of what I used and what I felt about it before I forget and move on to the next product :p

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