Review: Caudalie Vinoperfect Radiance Serum

After I finish the Chanel Le Blanc serum I wanted to find a cheaper alternative.  I read many good reviews on the Caudalie Vinoperfect Radiance Serum and purchased a bottle to try.  I have been using it for about 3 weeks now.

From Sephora’s description this serum claims to be oil-free, improve appearance of dark spots, and even out skintone to a brighter complexion.  Its main ingredient is Viniferine, a natural compound found in vine sap known to brighten, lighten, and even skin, which was patented by Caudalie in 2004.  It also claims that Viniferine is more effective than Vitamin C and arbutin in terms of brightening.  The 1 oz bottle is sold for $79.


I’m about almost one half into the bottle

The 1 oz bottle is fairly small and expensive for its size

The 1 oz bottle is fairly small and expensive for its size

This serum is very lightweight.  It goes on the face very smoothly and absorbs quickly.  I like how it is oil free and made with natural ingredients and is non-comedogenic.  It also has a scent that I can’t really describe, which is not offensive to me and disappears fairly quickly after application.  One pump or squeeze is enough to cover my entire face.  I use it morning and night under a moisturizer.

I’ve got to say this product does do what it claims.  At least for me it did.  Within the three weeks period of using this serum I find my skin to be more brightened.  My hyperpigmentation from my past acnes are fading albeit slowly.  I wake up every day to a glowy skin.  I will continue to use this and see what happens.  So far I like it better than the pricey Chanel Le Blanc serum and it seems to work better too considering that I see results quicker.

If I have to say one thing I don’t like about this product it will be that it leaves a sticky residue on my hands after application.  I don’t know why although it is lightweight and fresh on my face, it is the opposite on my hands.  Really weird.

Overall, I really like this serum and probably will repurchase.  I’ve also started to use a moisturizer from Caudalie and so far I like it too.  I’m really impressed with Caudalie and will try out more of their products.



Pore Clogging Ingredients

Towards the end of college to now, I went from normal/oily T-zone skin to acne prone skin and had to completely change my skincare products to suit my new skin type.  A few months ago, I got so desperate that I added the very well-known Pro-activ 3 steps system into my skincare routine.  I got to say it does work (although it also dried out my skin)!

Due to my blemished face I have to look out for products that does not aggravate it more.  I have to pay attention to the labels and look for oil-free and non comedogenic (non pore clogging) products .  As I was doing research about clogged pores, I came across a list of pore clogging ingredients.  I think it is great to have a list to refer to when reading a product’s ingredients (if they are provided).  It is to be known, however, that even the most natural products or products that claimed to be non comedogenic can still somehow contained pore clogging ingredients.  To read more about that and what pore clogging ingredients are out there you can visit here. 

Sometimes it is impossible to avoid all of these ingredients (as some manufacturers do not disclose all their ingredients) but it still nice to know what you can avoid.  Sigh…when it comes to skincare it is always a case of trial and error before you can find something that works.

Review: La Mer The Moisturizing Soft Cream

The La Mer Moisturizing Soft Cream is the new addition to the La Mer skincare line.  It is supposed to do the same thing as the infamous Creme de La Mer but with a lighter texture.

The original cream is a celebrity favorite as well as many other’s holy grail.  I have used both the original La Mer cream and the gel version before.  I never liked the original cream because it is very thick and rich. You have to rub it in your fingers to warm it up to “release its ingredients” and then pat it into the face.  Even so I find it hard to spread and takes awhile for it to absorb.  Although the cream is very moisturizing, but because I have slight oily skin in the T-zone area, this cream makes me look like a grease ball at the end of the day.  Therefore, I can only apply it at night.  After I finished it, I never purchased it again and instead went to try the gel version which I like a lot better.  The gel was lightweight, easy to apply and absorbs fast.

When the soft cream came out, I decided to give it a try as I feel the gel wasn’t moisturizing enough for the winter months.  The soft cream was made with the same ingredients as the original cream and as the name suggested “soft,” in fact, a lot softer than the original cream. There is no need to warm it with the fingertips so it is a lot easier to work with.  It is a lighter texture than the cream but thicker than the gel.  It is very easy to spread and apply.  Like the gel, it also absorbs fast and sink into the skin.  It is very moisturizing and makes my skin very soft.  As with the other two moisturizers, the soft cream has a strong La Mer fragrance which to me is kind of grandma-ish like some Olay products.  I personally don’t mind the scent and find it to fade quickly.

Soft Cream

Soft Cream

Soft Cream spread out

Soft Cream lightly spread out

Overall, I like the soft cream for the winter months and the gel for the warmer months.  As for the original creme de La Mer I would recommend it to people with really dry skins that do not mind the extra step of warming it up with fingertips.  I’m very lazy and like to get ready in the morning and at night as fast as I can, so I find it annoying to add another extra step to my skincare routine :p

The price for the three different moisturizers are the same in term of size. $150 for the 1oz and $275 for the 2oz, which is pretty pricey for a face cream.  La Mer seemed to raised their prices.  I remembered I used to pay $250 for the 2oz and my sister-in-law said back in 2009 she paid $225.  For me I don’t mind the price as long as the product works for me.  However, if I do find a cheaper alternative that work just as well I don’t mind switching.

Review: Chanel Le Blanc Brightening Concentrate Continuous Action TXC

Chanel Le Blanc Brightening Concentrate Continuous Action TXC is a brightening serum.  I first saw this serum in a Taiwanese magazine Queen a few years ago.  I believed Chanel Le Blanc used to be an Asia exclusive line but is now readily available in Chanel counters in the U.S. You can usually find it at Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, Saks Fifth Avenue, Macy’s or other department stores that carry Chanel skin care.   I have been using this serum for a while and now on my third bottle.

From the Chanel website, it described this product as :
“Each of the exquisitely textured products in the LE BLANC range offers a specific benefit that works in synergy to brighten the complexion. As skin’s most intensive brightening ally, the concentrate delivers a high intensity of the TXC molecule, while pearl protein extract visibly corrects skin’s dullness and moisturizes. TXC—the first active brightening ingredient registered in Japan as a quasi-drug by a foreign company—has a distinctive structure that delivers continuous action for 12 hours. Skin becomes brighter and more radiant, as dark spots diminish and the complexion appears more even.”
My skin started to act crazy on me towards the end of college.  I suddenly went from normal cheeks and oily t-zone skin to very acne prone skin.  The worst thing is after the acne healed it left behind red/dark marks that takes months to disappear. This was why this product initially attracted me. It claims to make “dark spots diminish” and “corrects skin’s dullness.” I don’t want paler or brighter skin.  I just want my hyperpigmentation gone! So when I read the description, I thought this is exactly what I need!
The texture of the serum is very light and easy to apply.  It absorbs very fast and is not sticky at all.  One pump is enough for my entire face. It also has a very light floral scent that I find pleasant.  The scent goes away very quickly and is hardly noticeable.  I find the serum to be pretty moisturizing but just using it alone is not enough.  I will still use a moisturizer after it.

photo 1 photo 2

As for my dark spots it did help fade it gradually.  I noticed when I get pimples and use this, it  helped a lot with the healing process after the pimple is gone.  My acne scars do get lighter.  However, it is not an overnight and dramatic change.  You have to consistently use it.  As for the overall brightening effect, I did not notice my entire face getter paler or lighter. This serum is similar to the Diorsnow White Reveal Essence that I have use in the past before (I used the entire Diorsnow set and went through about 3 sets of it but it didn’t do anything special for me).  The Diorsnow essence is light in consistency as well, but compared to Chanel I find Diorsnow to be a little stickier. Overall, I like this serum and find it to help fade dark spots.  However, due to its hefty price tag at $195, I am on the look out to find a cheaper alternative that work just as well.
***Side note: I also purchased and used two bottles of the Chanel Le Blanc Brightening Moisturizing Cream.  It is a decent moisturizer but I think I can live without it because it didn’t do anything spectacular.  There are cheaper and better moisturizers out there.***