Review: DHC Lip Cream

I love lip balms.  I have multiple lip balms.  I have one by my bed, in my purse, vanity, car, you name it.  I like to try different kinds of lip balms but my Holy Grail has to be the DHC Lip creams.

So what makes DHC different than all the other lip balms I tried? Well, it is very moisturizing. By far the most moisturizing lip balms I ever tried. The DHC lip creams are formulated with olive oil, aloe, and vitamin E which explained why it is so moisturizing.

I have very dry lips that peels easily due to the fact I don’t drink enough water (I know I know…It is bad.)  It is horrible when applying lipsticks and lipgloss because it makes my dry lips stand out more and looking very cracked.  Totally unattractive! The DHC really helped solve this problem for me.  It leaves a smooth surface for me to apply other lip products and help it lasts longer.  I will also put it on before I go to bed at night and when I wake up the next day I can feel my lips still smooth and moisturized.

I also use the lip cream as an exfoliant.  I will put on a thick layer and wait for a couple of hours and rub it off in warm water.  The dead skin will come off easily! I find it the best to do in the shower.  (I usually apply a thick layer at night before bed and then rub it off gently in the shower the next morning).  No need to buy or make lip scrubs :)

Pros Cons
  • Long lasting
  • Very moisturizing
  • Glossy finish but not sticky
  • Nice and sturdy packaging

I can’t live without this lip cream and I will definitely buy it again and again.